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About Us:
Pascal Tang, Eugenio Castillo
Pascal Tang
He was the project manager of Virtual Chess II in 1996 and 1997. He started XieXie project in 1999 and released the first freeware version of XieXie in 2001. He also developed a chess program called Xie Long, but the project has been discontinued as it didn't achieve desired results. Now He mainly works on the program XieXie.
Eugenio Castillo
He used to be the Spanish computer chess champion. He met Pascal for the first time in 1996 at Jakarta for the 15th world computer world championship. Pascal and him formed the XieXie's team in July 2001.
Jih Tung Pai
He is a taiwanese doctor working in a TaiPei's famous hospital. He brings for Xiexie the sciense of perfect endgame skills : endgame table base. Thanks to him, Xiexie got now the biggest endgame database for chinese chess.
Last Updated on August, 2021
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